Statistics Seminar - Fall 2017

Usually meets Wednesday at 4:00 pm in SEO 636.
August 7
(3:00 pm; SEO 636)
Dr. Lan Xue
Oregon State University
Semi-parametric method for non-ignorable missing in longitudinal data using refreshment samples
August 30
Yinghui Shi
Jiangsu Normal University
Intrinsic Ultracontractivity of Laplacian and Fractional Laplacian Perturbed by Non-local Operator
September 6
Stat faculty and graduate students
Organizational meeting
September 13
Prof. Zhen Liu
Benedictine University
Inventory Pooling under Multivariate Fat-Tail Demands
September 20
September 27
Yanghui Liu
Purdue University
Weighted limit theorems and applications
October 4
Yimin Xiao
Joint Estimation of Fractal Indices for Bivariate Gaussian Processes
October 11
October 18
Dan Spillane
Data Science 2.0
October 25
Sayar Karmakar
University of Chicago
Simultaneous confidence bands in time-varying coefficient models
November 1
Yunxiao He
Statistics in Marketing Research
November 8
November 15
November 22
(3:00 pm; SEO 636)
Xi Geng
Carnegie Mellon University
The tail asymptotics of the Brownian signature
November 22
Lei Liu
Washington University in St. Louis
Causality in the joint analysis of longitudinal and survival data
November 29
December 6
(4:15 pm; SEO 636)
Hongmei Jiang
Northwestern University
Statistical methods for compositional data analysis with application in metagenomics
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