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November 3, 2017

Reyes receives UIC CAPE Award More ...

November 1, 2017

Bousfield, Coskun and Howard named AMS Fellows More ...

October 9, 2017

Bhama Srinivasan named AWM Fellow More ...

March 21, 2017

Irina Nenciu receives Simons Fellowship More ...

November 1, 2016

Baldwin and Shalen named AMS Fellows More ...

March 1, 2016

Ben Antieau receives NSF CAREER Award More ...

February 23, 2016

Kevin Tucker named Sloan Research Fellow More ...


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MON November 20

Graduate Infinity Categories Seminar
Haldun Özgür Bayındır (UIC), Infinity categories in stable homotopy theory.
SEO 1227, 10 AM.

MON November 20

Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar
David Cohen (University of Chicago), Weakly aperiodic SFT on lamplighters.
SEO 612, 3 PM.

MON November 20

Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar
Misun Min (Argonne National Laboratory), Efficient high-order algorithms for drift-diffusion and electromagnetic systems.
SEO 612, 4 PM.

WED November 22

Complex Analysis Seminar
Mark Lawrence (Nazarbayev University), The 1-dimensional extension property in complex analysis.
SEO 1227, 3 PM.

WED November 22

Algebraic Geometry Seminar
No Seminar (--), Thanksgiving.
SEO 427, 4 PM.

WED November 22

Statistics Seminar
Lei Liu (Washington University in St. Louis ), Causality in the joint analysis of longitudinal and survival data.
SEO 636, 4 PM.

MON November 27

Yunus Syed (UIC), Sigma-algebras.
SEO300, 4 PM.

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