Departmental Colloquium - Spring 2014

Usually meets Friday at 3:00 pm in SEO 636.
January 15
Jeffrey Danciger
University of Texas, Austin
Moduli spaces of constant curvature spacetimes
January 17
Antonio C. Auffinger
University of Chicago
Recent Advances in First Passage Percolation.
January 24
January 31
Ben Weinkove
Geometric flows on complex surfaces
February 3
Karin Melnick
University of Maryland
Normal forms for local flows on parabolic geometries
February 7
Isaac Goldbring
Existentially closed C* algebras and a conjecture of Kirchberg
February 14
February 17
Daniel Fiorilli
University of Michigan
Nuclear physics and number theory
February 20
Benjamin Antieau
University of Washington
Division algebras and and classifying spaces of complex algebraic groups
February 21
(3:00 pm; LC C6)
Brendan Hassett
Rice University
Projective embeddings of holomorphic symplectic manifolds
February 28
March 7
(3:00 pm; LC D5)
Michael Hopkins
Harvard University
Distinguished Lecture Series
March 14
Ramin Takloo-Bighash
Algebraic varieties with many rational points
March 21
Rakesh Vohra
University of Pennsylvania
Predicting The Unpredictable
March 28
No seminar
Spring Break
April 4
Matthew Foreman
UC Irvine
Classifying Diffeomorphisms of the Torus
April 11
Jeff Brock
Brown University
Entomology and morphology in hyperbolic geometry
April 18
Douglas Arnold
University of Minnesota
Finite element exterior calculus: where scientific computing meets algebraic topology
April 25
Mircea Mustata
University of Michigan
Combinatorics and topology of toric maps
May 2
(3:00 pm; LC C4)
Showu Zhang
Princeton University
Atkin Memorial Lecture: The congruent number problem and L-functions
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