Statistics Seminar - Fall 2018

Usually meets Wednesday at 4:00 pm in SEO 636.
August 29
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Donald E.K. Martin
North Carolina State University
Distributions of pattern statistics in sparse Markov models
September 5
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Wei Sun
University of Miami
Dynamic Tensor Clustering with Applications in Neuroimaging and Online Advertising
September 12
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Organizational meeting
Organizational meeting
September 19
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Shuwen Lou
Loyola University
Bridging Discrete-Time and Continuous-Time Modeling for Stochastic First-Order Optimization
September 26
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Kevin Potcner
JMP Statistical Discovery Software
JMP and the Predictive Modeling Workflow
October 3
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Guanhua Chen
University of Wisconsin
Constructing Stabilized Dynamic Treatment Regimes
October 10
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Xinyi Li
University of Chicago
One-point function and natural parametrization for loop-erased random walk in three dimensions
October 17
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Fangfang Wang
University of Wisconsin at Madison
Modeling Non-stationary Multivariate Time Series of Counts via Common Factors
October 24
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Mladen Kolar
University of Chicago
Estimation and Inference for Differential Networks
October 31
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Yi-Lin Chiu
Applying Mathematics and Statistics to Characterize the Effectiveness of a Pharmaceutical Product
November 7
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Annie Qu
November 14
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Renming Song
Factorizations and estimates of Dirichlet heat kernels for non-local operators with critical killings
November 21
November 28
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Linyi Zhang
Milliman USA
Introduction of Actuarial Profession
December 5
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