Current MSCS Graduate Courses ( Fall 2019, Spring 2020 )

Fall 2019

MCS 507

Mathematical, Statistical, and Scientific Software (Jan Verschelde)
Grade of B or better in MCS 360 or the equivalent or consent of instructor.
The design, analysis, and use of mathematical, statistical, and scientific software.

MCS 548

Mathematical Theory of Artificial Intelligence (Lev Reyzin)
MCS 541.
Valiant's learning model, positive and negative results in learnability, automation inference, perceptrons, Rosenblatt's theorem, convergence theorem, threshold circuits, inductive inference of programs, grammars and automata.

MCS 584

Enumerative Combinatorics (Dhruv Mubayi)
MCS 421 and MCS 423 or consent of the instructor.
Enumerative methods in combinatorics, including inclusion/exclusion, recursion, partitions, Latin squares and other combinatorial structures.

Spring 2020

Courses for this term have not been posted yet.
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