Current MSCS Graduate Courses ( Fall 2020, Spring 2021 )

Fall 2020

STAT 501

Probability Theory I (Cheng Ouyang)
MATH 534 or consent of instructor.
Abstract measure theory, probability measures, Kolmogorov extension theorem, sums of independent random variables, the strong and weak laws of large numbers, the central limit theorem, characteristic functions, law of iterated logarithm, infinitely divisible laws.

STAT 521

Linear Statistical Inference (Jing Wang)
STAT 411 and STAT 481.
Estimation and testing in linear models, generalized inverses of matrices, n-dimensional normal distribution, quadratic forms, estimable parameter, normal equations, analysis of variance, likelihood ratio tests.

STAT 591

Advanced Topics in Statistics, Probability, and Operations Research: Advanced Topics in Statistics, (Yichao Wu)
Topics drawn from areas such as: Data analysis; Bayesion inference; Nonlinear models; Time series; Computer aided design; reliability models; game theory. Course Information: May be repeated. Prerequisite(s): Approval of the department.

Spring 2021

Courses for this term have not been posted yet.
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